based in stonehaven in north east scotland i came to photography relatively late in my life. i have always appreciated good images, iconic ones mostly, portraits, news images etc but I had no idea I would end up in later years trying to capture some myself.

having had a few film cameras in the 90’s including a Olympus mju and the use of my dads praktica sir before that, the use of the sir gave me an appreciation of depth of field. it would be some years later when i bought my first digital slr in 2006, again an Olympus . after a few years i moved to canon, first the 7d and purchased a couple of lenses for it. as my lens line up grew eventually I moved to full frame, my first one being the Canon 1Dx, now I use both canon and sony full frame cameras.

joining Mearns Camera Club in stonehaven in 2007 has improved my photography immeasurably. with club photography at mearns, its not possible to concentrate on one type of photography club, our competitions demand a level of ability across many genres.